I have noticed that this is a popular topic. You may be an aspiring photographer, or model and looking to save some money. There are some questions to ask yourself first though. If you are a model, you should be looking at the photographer's work. Do you like it, and is that work worth your time? Also what are you offering the photographer for their time? If you are a photographer, you need to ask yourself, if your photos are good enough to be worth the models time. Too often I see ads posted from a photographer wanting TFP/TFCD because they are "Learning". I also see models that want to pose for Headshots, which are really worthless to the photographer.

For anyone wishing to get into modeling, professional images are essential. They represent your appearance and experience, so using snapshots or webcam shots simply isn't good enough. Prospective employers expect to see a variety of photos in your portfolio. If you price this work, you will find it costs $300 up per session. It takes several sessions to build a portfolio. E.g., head shots, swimwear, lingerie, fashion. The alternative to spending thousands of dollars for a portfolio is to trade time for prints. The model gets images and the rights to use them for self promotion; the photographer gets a release and retains copyright and ownership of the images. There is a common misconception that TFP or TFCD is "working for free." This is not the case. A photographer usually invests thousands of dollars in equipment and spends time taking and retouching the pictures, finding locations, purchasing wardrobe and often hiring assistants and makeup artists. For every hour a model spends, a photographer spends two or three. There is a significant cost involved with producing good images. TFP/TFCD work is a trade deal where both the photographer and model get the work and the images they need. If anyone offers you "free photography", unless they are a good friend, and experienced model photographer, you will probably get what you paid for. It may even turn out to be too expensive. I am usually willing to do TFP/TFCD shoots. The number one reason is that I enjoy photography. Second, I like helping beginners get started. Third, it is a way for me to find models that I might use for a future project. I often will trade portfolio work in exchange for work on an artistic project of my own. The model's input on TFCD or TFP shoots is important. After all, it is her portfolio, and I want her to be happy with it. I am flexible on the style for these shoots. For those that are interested in doing nude work (over 18 only), my style is pretty much what you see on this site, artistic only. I don't want to do work they are not comfortable with, nervous is ok, but stressed does not look good in the photos. Models are also welcome and encouraged to bring an escort with them. Models under 18 should bring a parent or guardian with them both as a general safety practice and because a parent is required to sign the release. I have had some problems in the past with TFP models so there are a few things that I would like models to keep in mind. Make sure you are serious. Be prepared to discuss what you need and set shooting dates. Good communication is important. Taking a week or two to reply to emails slows down the whole process and increases the chance that I will lose track of you or forget what we were talking about. If email is a problem let me know and I will talk to you by phone or better yet, meet with you to discuss your shoot. If you change your mind about doing a shoot, please be polite enough to send me a note. (Don't just stop responding.) Be professional: If you can't make an appointment, let me know as soon as possible. I do custom work on every shoot, choosing a location and wardrobe that suits the model. Please don't put me to all that work and then just not show up. I know things can go wrong - cars break down, people get sick. Even if you have a problem on the way to a shoot, just give me a call and I will be happy to reschedule. Just don't leave me and my assistants sitting around wondering where you are. I may put hours, or even days worth of time in to the preparation for a shoot, which is worth it if we get good images, but very frustrating if it turns in to nothing. Most things are negotiable as long as the request is reasonable. I will shoot different styles or discuss different options on image usage. It is possible that the images I want are not the same as what you want. In that case, we can trade what you need for what I need (Current Project). I am also willing to do images for pay web sites provided I get fair compensation. Suicide girls would be an example. Because of their license agreements photos submitted can become their exclusive property so the usual arraignment would be to shoot one set for them, and another for me. Headshots are another, I don't need them, but I am happy to trade headshots for work on one of my projects. Depending on the site and the usage we can probably work out an appropriate arrangement. Keep these things in mind if you would like talk to me about a shoot. Feel free to contact me. It helps if you can give me your stats, and a picture if possible.

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