From time to time, I have used graffiti as a background. The bright colors can make an interesting background. There are places were it is constantly changing, different each time I go back. There is an obvious problem aspect to it as well. There are some places where it can be done with permission, others where nobody seems to care. TImg 3439 V1here has always been a destructive aspect to it as well. The times that someone wanting to make  their mark, damages someone’s property, forcing them to pay for painting it out. More and more people are making an extensive effort to deface nature as well. We travel in to remote areas to find that people have gone to a special effort to make a mess. Not out of negligence, but out of malice. I wonder what is wrong with someone who cares so much about what they want that they spoil the environment for everyone else.

Bikini Graffiti East Fork San Gabriel riverGraffiti in Los Padres national forestGraffiti at Circle X grotto CaliforniaHidden Springs Graffiti California

Though I sometimes use the graffiti as part of an art piece, most of the time it is a depiction of an area that has been damaged, where people are vulnerable and unsafe. To salvage a nature picture out of these means a lot of careful work with a photo editor to recreate what no longer exists due to someone’s belligerent and immature behavior.


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