Unseen Women future scenes

First time
Woman sitting on the edge a bed nude, distressed, possibly crying staring at a glass. There is blood smeared on her body, and on the sheets. Man behind her relaxed and happy possibly reaching for her, or touching her back. This is a special request from a victim, she feel that the production of this image would help her move on. The guy in the story was her ex boyfriend. She remembers getting in the bed fully clothed and then nothing beyond that until the scene above. She thinks it is likely she was drugged. The incident has continued to haunt her to this day and interferes with her present day relationships. When she ran across my series she asked me to make this picture.

For the money
Stripper crawling at the edge of the stage nude attempting to cover herself while picking up tips. Men seated at the edge of the stage. Location needed

Party Girl
Woman passed out at a party, nude. Liquor bottles scattered around along with her clothes, nobody pays any attention to her.

Man working on a custom car at night. The tools carefully laid out on a sheet. Nude woman standing to the side or in the background. The concept that she is being ignored and the car is very carefully cared for. I still don’t have the car lined up for this shot but I do have a private shooting location for it. Car needed

Conference room.
Men seated around the table with a woman up front at the display board. The men are looking at her rather than what she what she is presenting. Wardrobe will probably be partial dressed to nude. The final balance for the shot may be implied nude. I may do a variation of this with her clothed in the room, but a nude image up on the display

The Judge
Row of women, various different looks. Man with a clipboard writing something as though he is a judge. Need several models at once for this one

Regretful stripper
Stripper on stage attempting to cover herself. A row of guys sits at the edge of the stage. This would be an implied nude. I know many women have worked as strippers and don’t have a problem with it, but I also know one that had to do it to support her husband and dreads anyone finding out to this day. Still need a location for this. The stage railing used in the clubs are not commonly used elsewhere.

Lost Childhood A pregnant teen standing outside a school watching kids her age. This one is about lost childhood. I may shoot it in black & white. The model for this one should be over 18 but look as young as possible.