This shoot was in the Malibu hills. Originally it was supposed to be at the grotto in Circle X Ranch, but things had changed since the last time I was there, and we couldn’t drive as close as I had planned. On top of that Caroline was wearing heels which would not have been too good for hiking. So we looked for another location further up Yerba Buena Road. The place we found was not entirely private, but there was not much traffic, so we got set up to shoot. It was basically at a turn out by the side of the road. We did a variety of lingerie and nude shots. One of the interesting things that happened on this shoot is that though we were mostly left alone, a car with two couples stopped and they got out to look at the scenery. I kept a sarong over my shoulder for just this situation, and tossed it to Caroline, who promptly tossed it back to me. She was completely nude but also not shy. We kept shooting as the two couples wandered around looking over the cliff and at the other scenery. They actually got to within 20 feet of use before realizing that Caroline was not wearing anything. They stopped, looked around, then made a comment “Nice place to take pictures”. They watched for a minute, evidently unsure of what they should do, then left. There was one other guy on a motorcycle that stopped. Oddly he kept a distance until I had to walk back to the car to empty my camera, then he moved in to talk to her. She was not worried, but I found the behavior disturbing and rushed back to make sure she was safe.

The bathing shots were done with a tub and water we had brought with us as a backup plan, which obviously we needed. Caroline was eager to get wet as it was very warm that day. The road shots were a last minute thought. We were packing everything up, then looked at the road and figured, why not? While the shots look dangerous, we actually had a good view down the hill both directions which gave us about a 5 minute warning if anyone was coming so she could get out of the road.

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Bath in Malibu hills